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Team Integration
Our team of seasoned software developers at The Architects will seamlessly integrate with your engineering department, enhancing its capabilities and expertise.
  • Adapt to team culture & work style
  • Proactive in contributing to your team's goals
  • Foster a positive and productive work environment
Plug-and-play engineering talent.
By fully embracing your tools and participating in your process, we effectively accomplish tasks while also continuously making improvements.
Our approach tackles both the technical and human aspects of each problem, aiming to construct robust solutions that benefit everyone involved.
Strategy and Design
Do you have an idea for a new software solution but aren't sure where to get started? This service aims to answer the question, “What exactly should you build?"
  • Current and Future technology State
  • User experience Design
  • System/Business Planning and Recommendations
Designing the roadmap to your success
As you could imagine, answering the question “what exactly should you build?” is a joint effort between business consulting, user experience design, and technical systems planning.
At the end of the day you will come away with the below deliverables and many more artifacts as we work toward answering that question.
  • Recommended Action Plan
  • Design and Build Proposal
  • Wireframes - UI/UX
  • Systems Diagram - Infrastructure/Integrations
Agile Team Solutions
This offering is our full service solution. We provide all the necessary job functions to get the work done. This is our premium example for how to run a engineering project.
  • Managed engineering effort
  • New Product development
  • Extensive maintenance, upgrade, or migration Effort
Building better solutions, together.
Tailored to your needs this service usually comes in the form of a strategy and design session to start, followed by a long term build where we provide the designers, engineers, delivery leads, etc. This team is chemistry at its finest, all trained and laser focused on getting your idea into your customers hands.
Proof of Concept
Our team of experienced software developers at The Architects are dedicated to transforming uncertainty into certainty, ensuring the feasibility of your innovative idea through diligent work.
  • Focused Software Efforts
  • In-depth Research
  • Feasibility Assessment & Recommendations
Building the bridge between concept and reality.
In a POC build we diverge slightly from how we typically work. We sacrifice maintainability and robustness for speed and understanding. This is an assessment to determine technical viability.
We work to make sure the desired outcome is achievable and doable when it comes time to build the idea/project for a production use case. The goal here is to turn uncertainty into certainty as fast as possible.
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