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Our Team
At the Architects, our mission is to build a network of happy, high-performing engineers, and to help create incredible products along the way.
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Team Member
George HarwoodFounder
Team Member
Cameron DayPartner | CMO
Team Member
Kyler FigginsPartner | Senior Software Engineer
Team Member
David DuSoldPartner | Senior Software Engineer
Team Member
Nicholas MansfieldSenior Software Engineer
Team Member
Brendan McBrideSenior Software Engineer
Team Member
Jordan MountsPrinciple Software Engineer
Our customers
We tailor our process to meet our customer’s needs, across different industries, scales, and technologies.
Whether you need an entire team, or one or two engineers to help push forward an initiative, we can help!
Oversold? Place one of our engineers to meet client demand or fill out a team. All of our engineers are USA based.
Have the investment backing but having trouble finding engineering help? Let's chat!
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A little about us
Have you ever seen the movie “Inside Out” by Pixar? One of the characters, Riley, has these “Islands of personality” that are cemented as part of herself. They were created based on her past experiences and environment. Much in the same way, we, The Architects have been forged from our past experiences. These quotes summarize some of the ideals that make up who we currently are and what we strive to live by.
The most important step a person can take is always the next one.
-Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer
We’re always looking for great developers to join our passionate team. If you’re a motivated team player and you’re excited to learn apply now!
Senior Software Engineer
An Engineer skilled in the Javascript Ecosystem
Don't see your job?
We’re always hiring passionate, impact driven developers who want to build great products. Send us your website link and resume and we’ll be in touch!
Email us at to apply today
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